Join WBP High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program for High School Baseball Prospects and get help with the COLLEGE BASEBALL RECRUITING PROCESS. Attend High School Baseball Camps, College Baseball Prospect Camps, College Baseball Showcases, College Baseball Clinics, High School Baseball Wood Bat League, attend elite colleges and universities Biola University Davidson Duke University East Tennessee State University Elon University Emory University Florida Southern College Georgia State University Jacksonville University Lipscomb University Louisiana State University Lynn University Mississippi State University N.C. State St. Joseph’s University University of Georgia University of Indianapolis University of Louisiana - Lafayette University of Miami
Parents and Players - Welcome to the WBPTM High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Recruitment Planning Program Tools and Details

Personal Coaching and Mentorship with the College Baseball Recruiting Process

Coaching and College Baseball/ Academic Recruitment Mentorship

Players and Parents have the opportunity for ongoing college recruitment coaching and mentorship, motivational and inspirational support for the length of your membership.
We are here to mentor and coach you in attaining progressive short term goals and long term desires relating to the college recruiting process, with a system and philosophy that works.
Step by Step, WBP and the resources provided can assist you in piecing together your individual route with a plan of action for your situation.

- Learn why most players and families fall short and miss possible playing opportunities so you don't
- Learn how to START the recruiting process right whether your a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior
- Learn how to select appropriate showcases and camps so they complement your product and developmental timing, academic goals and budget
- Learn how and where to maximize the development process and access high level coaching
- Learn how to properly and accurately access and evaluate your current overall make-up
- Learn how to prepare and plan for your specific situation as an individual, student and player
- Learn how to effectively and pro-actively promote and sell your total student-athletic product
- Learn how to get a personal assessment or evaluation "scouting report" and build credibility with college coaches
- Learn how to properly build your own baseball and academic network
- Learn how to identify “red flags” and common mistakes in the development and recruiting process
- Learn the landscape of NCAA D1, D2, and D3, NAIA, and COA, NJCAA D1, D2, D3
- Learn how to identify and target schools that fit you and are realistic for your total make-up
- Learn how a college coach thinks and what they expect from prospective student/players
- Learn the difference between a high school athlete that plays baseball and a baseball player and why it's important to know the difference
- Learn how to separate yourself from the rest of your talent pool with things that you already control
- Learn how to use your network yourself both resourcefully and effectively to your advantage
- Learn how to easily draft an initial suspect target list of appropriate colleges that match comfortably with what you have to offer in the classroom, on the field, and as a person
- Learn how to narrow down your suspect target list to form your top prospect list of colleges
- Learn how to create an effective highlight video inexpensively and when and if to use it
- Learn how to research, market and sell your entire “student-baseball player" product
- Learn how and when to introduce yourself to colleges and coaches (letter, profile, phone etc.) and what to include
- Learn how to stay motivated, inspired and focused
- Learn time management skills that will allow you to balance academics, baseball and your life

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High School Athletes Guide to College Baseball

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