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Brian Baxter, MA
Psychology Mentor

Brian has been working with athletes and teams for over 10 years since earning his Masters in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in California. 

He joined Sport Psychology Institute Northwest in Portland, OR as a sport psychology consultant in 2007, and took over as director in 2011.  Brian has worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports from youth, high school, travel and select, NCAA, and professional levels.

Originally from Gainesville, FL, Brian brings a well-rounded wealth of experience, having been a multi-sport athlete in high school, a collegiate athlete, 20+ years of coaching experience, and 10+ years as a sports parent, in addition to his sport psychology background.  

He has written a sport psychology book entitled, "The Sports Mindset Gameplan" and recently created a visualization and relaxation program called, "Sports Mindset Audio."

Brian’s philosophy in working with athletes and helping them with performance enhancement involves a two-pronged approach:

First, he strives to help the athlete identify and build awareness of the difficulties they’re facing, areas for improvement, and their strengths and sports motivation.  From this awareness, the athlete can then develop strategies for enhancing strengths and breaking down weaknesses.

Second, Brian guides his athletes through the process of implementing their strategies so that they become second nature.  With an emphasis on how to focus, how to control emotions, positive self-talk, visualization, and other sport psychology techniques, the athlete can use these skills to improve athletic performance