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High School Baseball Players,
Why are you in such a Rush to play BIG D1 Baseball?

The WBPô High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning ProgramWe at Worldwide Baseball Prospects have helped near 100's families and a wide range of players with varying abilities through the recruiting process, planning and assisting them in taking the best route toward their academic and baseball goals.

One thing keeps coming back however, ďI want to go play 4 Year Division 1.Ē

What we want to uncover in this article is the other side of that question. What is the best fit for you as a student-athlete if D1 baseball is not a reality for you today? We want to instil some thought to the overall process and general questions you may consider when choosing your academic and baseball path for your freshman year of college.

Is there more credit to a college freshman at the D1 level who doesnít play the whole year?
Will you be better respected by your friends and family because of the name of the school?
Did your parents go to D1 to study, not playing a sport, and you think it is the best just to follow their path? Do you think your pursuit of the dream, playing professional baseball, will not happen if you donít go to a 4 year D1?
Do you think your education will be better at a D1 4 year school versus 4 year D2, D3, NAIA or 2 year D1, D2, D3 School or NAIA institution?

If this is the case, you may only have touched 1/20th of what must be considered or taken into account.

You may have taken a one sided approach perhaps based on what some parents consider important. Remember the game "pass it on". Well it is still being played at amateur ballparks everywhere.

Media and Television marketing have had a lot to do with public perception. As messages are being broadcast around the world repeatedly, one cannot help take in what one sees and hears on a regular basis.

Imagine if 2 year D1, D2 or D3, or NAIA baseball were broadcast worldwide? You would see and become more familiar with the game and the schools at these levels; you may even have a favorite.

But all the hype about what is the best school should not be the main focus for a high school player trying to balance academics and baseball at the college level come their freshman year.

The focus should be on him, and what would be the best fit for HIM. Take a balanced approach for the guy actually going to the school.

Is it in a comfortable setting? This includes the geographical climate, culture, social environment, safety, counsellors, etc. Would I attend this school if I were not (hypothetically) playing baseball?
Does the school academic program offer what I as a student, want to learn?
What are the class sizes and if they are too big will I have the same opportunity for help. If I need help academically will I get? Is there is a requirement by the Head Coach for maintaining a certain GPA? Are there tutors available? Can I transfer with these courses to a different institution, maybe a bigger school later?
Do I currently have the High School Course load to meet admissions guidelines to this particular school, etc?
Can I realistically compete at this school for a starting position as a college freshman?
If I did play at smaller school, would I be better off developmental wise, rather then sitting on the bench at a bigger program?
Would the playing time allow me to eventually develop to a higher level of competition, say D1 or D2, 4 year?

The point is, there are many, many questions one should consider when focusing on an approach and a Target list of Colleges and Universities and how they will eventually shape ones future.

Just quitting because you didnít make your favourite Big D1 team or didnít get academically accepted is not an option. You are students who wish to play college baseball. Be persistent with your goals, yet have patience and be realistic.

If you are a legitimate 4 year big Division 1 prospective student athlete, who is ďmentally, academically and athletically balanced,Ē then great.
If you cannot handle the pressure, if you are not playing, or things didnít turn out as one may have promised, it is not the end of the world.

For those going through the
High School Development and Recruitment planning process now, you have the power of choice on your side to plan and prepare the best you can before things happen.

Have patience. It just may not be the right time. Hereís why. Everyone in this world is trying to get somewhere. Some may have different goals but ultimately they are trying to get somewhere. Itís different for all.

Many players are travelling down the recruiting highway at different developmental speeds and taking different recruiting routes, all to get to their GOAL.

To go to a comfortable institution that is the best fit for them, to study a subject or group of subjects that will create a foundation for them in life, and compete everyday at a certain level that is right for them. Itís all about Balance, not Ego!

When you see that patience is on your side and you have the ability to choose it, then you have given yourself the main ingredient, Time. Why not consider playing at a smaller college that may be the perfect fit, allow you to play and develop and may even cost less?

If it is going to offer you what YOU need personally as a individual, student and freshman baseball player, do it?