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Height: 5 feet  10 inches
Weight: 188 lbs (pounds)
Glasses / Contacts: NO
Throws: RIGHT
Velocity from Primary Position (mph): 89mph
Timed 40 yard dash: 4.9
Timed 60 yard dash: 6.47
Standing Vertical Jump: 36 inches
Stolen Bases: 25
Attempts: 26
Tell us about your training regimen:
I am currently working out in the gym 3 days a week with a Certified Personal Trainer. My (baseball specific) workout has been custom made by former Arizona Diamonbacks Minor League Director & Strength Coach, WBP strength Coach, Brian Niswender.

Coach Niswender and my local trainer work closely together

Jason Little, CSCS

(123)000-0000 ext.98

(cut and paste workout)

Last Name: Jackson
First Name: Drew
Date of Birth: 6/5/1991
Address: 1234 Alleyway
City / Town: Tempe
State / Province: Arizona
Country: United States
Zip / Postal Code: 65235
Phone: (202) 232-1296
Email Address:
Parents Name(s): Jay Jackson / Ali Jackson
Parents Email(s): /
Parents Phone(s): (202) 000 - 0000
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: Spanish
Citizenship 1 (country): United States
Citizenship 2 (if dual): Canada
Do you have a Passport: YES
Visa Status: Student
Drivers License: YES

High School Name: Tempe Sr. High School
Expected Graduation Date: 6/2009
Current Grade: 10
GPA: 3.8
Cumulative SAT Score: 1310
Cumulative ACT Score: 30
Registered for Clearinghouse? YES
Expected College / University Enrollment Date 9/1/2009

1) Middle Infield
2) Pitcher
3) Catcher
Catchers pop up time: 1.81
Passed balls: 5
Uniform Number: 3
Current League: Tempe High School Baseball
Current Team: Tempe Titans   
Team Website:
Coach 1 Name: Mr. Paul Peppers
Coach 1 Phone: (202) 252 - 0000
Coach 1 Email:
Coach 2 Name: Mr. TJ Pitts
Coach 2 Phone: (202) 252 - 0000
Coach 2 Email:
Coach's certificates or credentials:
Coach Pitts played major league baseball as a Pitcher for the Atlanta Braves 1974 - 1985. He was drafted from Arizona State after his Senior Year of University in 1974.

Coach Pitts currently scouts for the Braves Organization as well as being a high school baseball coach for 15 years. He has helped many of our schools student-athletes with the college process. He has written a letter of recommendation for your perusal and is available for comment.
Baseball Schedule:
(EXAMPLE)Current 2008 Tempe High School Baseball Schedule

Tues May 1 Tukon Fallscreek 2:00pm 2-9/7

Sat May 5 Clamas Scotsdale 5:00pm 2-9/7

Tues May 8 Mesa Tempe 1:00pm 2-9/7

Sat May 12 S.Western EastBay 1:00pm 2-9/7

Thurs May 17 Western Gresham 5:00pm 2-9/7

Season schedule will be entered when it becomes available.

Thurs - Mon May 24-28 Tournament Tempe, AZ TBA

ASU Baseball Camp June 22-23, 2008

Area Code Games, Califorina, 2008

The Arizona Classic, Team Pirates, 2008

Pitching Position: Middle Relief & Closer
Type of Pitches Thrown 1: Fastball
Type of Pitches Thrown 2: Cutter
Type of Pitches Thrown 3: Change Up
Type of Pitches Thrown 4: Curve Ball
Pitching Velocity (mph): 92mph
Total Innings Pitched: 30
Wins: 5
Losses: 1
Saves: 12
Strikeouts: 62
Walks: 12
ERA: 1.67

Bats: Left
Batting Average: .502
Total AB's: 100
Total Hits: 62
HR's: 18
Singles: 25
Doubles: 14
Triples: 5
Total Strikeouts: 25
Total Walks: 13
Hitting style:
Currently, I have been working on my hitting with Kash Beachamp, 1981 1st round drat pick with the Toronto Blue Jays and current Vice President of the South Coast Professional Baseball League and Director of Baseball Operations.

He says I hit for power, the Home Runs come naturally, but it is not my focus. I have been working on my mental approach to hitting and the consistency of my stroke.

I also watch game footage of myself and the opposing pitching rosters in my league. I believe that I must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate my approach.

I have an idea of my zone and anything in it I own. I make good contact with 2 strikes;

I will continue to work hard, A routine for me is 150 cuts of the Tee at home in the carport. Working on inside and outside spots.

Any suggestions on hitting, I would ask that you phone or email me as I am a Student of the Game and would welcome certified input.

Coaches / Scouts Name: Affiliation: Phone: Email:
1) Matt Stark iPB/Mariners Scouting Supervisor (253) 000 - 0000
2) Gil Patterson Current Oakland A's Pitching Coach (848) 000 - 0000
3) B. Williams Founder Area Code Games (797) 000 - 0000
List the top 5 schools you would like to attend:
1) ASU - Arizona State University
2) UA - University of Arizona
3) UW University of Washington
4) UO - University of Oregon
5) USC - University of Southern California
Have you expressed a letter of interest to any schools:
I have expressed a interest to the coaching staff at University of Oregon and Arizona State University and will be attending their summer baseball camps.
Skill video:
Yes, please click link
Do you have a scouting report?
Yes, a fully verifed scouting report will be available from Mariners Scout Matt Stark.

His contact information is available above.
List Showcases or Camps you have attended in the past:
1) TPX TOP 96 , Redlands California, Aug 11 - 12, 2007 Contact D. Hensen
2) Area Code Games, Califorina Aug 5 - 10 2007 - Brewers Team
3) Good Will Series - Australia - Dec 5 - 21 2007 Contact B. Williams/ J Wilson Tampa Bay Devil Rays Scout
List Showcases or Camps you will be attending or would like to attend.
1) TPX TOP 96 California June 11 - 12, 2008
2) Area Code Games, Califorina July 4 - 6 , 2008
3) The Arizona Classic Aug 23 -30 , 2008
Academic Honors or Baseball Achievement:

English A+ 98%

Math (Advanced Algebra 11) A+ 97%

Social Studies A 99%

Science (Biology) A+ 96%

All Academic 2006

Top 10 in the state last GPA 3.96


All State 2005-2006-2007

All-Conference player 2005-2006

Gold glove Award 2005-06-07 Arizona State High School Association.

Most Home Runs and RBI's in my conference.

Best Shortstop Fielding % in State
Tell us about your philosophy for playing the game of baseball and about what you hope to accomplish at the College or University level:
My philosophy for playing the game of baseball is to remain a student of the game and have fun.

I realize that the margin to excel in Baseball at the next level starts to narrow at the top, which is why academics is so very important to me. I would like to get a solid education, Major in Sports Management, to back me up in life.

I believe that one must respect the game of baseball, that it is a privilege to play the game and that effort and hustle are both elements of the game that any player can control.

I hope to be apart of a winning program with a winning attitude.

Tell us, how important are academics and why?
Academics are the basis of my decision to attend college and play baseball at the next level.

Going to college will form the foundation that I need for life after baseball. I place an extreme importance on getting good grades and learning as much as I can everyday!
What have you considered being your career goal and major field of study?:
Athletics - Sports Management
What type of courses would you like to enroll in?
1) Business Administration
2) Technology
3) Kinesiology
4) Psychology
5) Sciences
Have you applied for any financial aid? If so tell us where and which ones:
No not as of yet. Jan1 of my Senior year I will be appling for FASFA.
Would you Relocate?
If yes, where and how far:
Anywhere, as long as the school diversty, culture and academics meet my needs
Current Employer:
The Clemente Grill and Steak House
Current Supervisor:
Ronnie Mack
Current Supervisor Phone:
Employment Needed at College:
What is your work experience? List skills:
1) Managing and Customer Service
2) Cash and computing
3) Customer Service
4) Basic Accounting practices and programs
5) Following specific food safe rules and regulations
Would you use public transportation for college or university?
What do you like to do in your spare time, hobbies, interests, reading?
Friends, Reading, Music, Coaching Youth Baseball, Cooking
Are you interested in other sports and physical activities?
Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Weightlifting, Hiking, Snowboarding
Community or Volunteer work:
I volunteer at the Hospital 2x per week for 2hr , helping senior citizens