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Do you have a baseball ego? Your choice, choose one!The WBPô High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning Program

by WBPô - Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Success is happening right now and you didnít even know it. How about that! Success is a journey; it is not a destination point. So for you, who really want to play college baseball, understand that it is a stage in the journey of life, not a destination point.

You are what you repeatedly do. What you do is a result of what you think. What you think is a result of choices. You have two choices usually, one is based on fear and the other is based on love. Think about it for a moment.

We have sadly heard these questions over the years helping high school baseball players,
What will people think of me if I donít do what they want me to do?
What if I donít measure up to be what others want me to be?
What if I spend all this money and donít even get to play college baseball?
What is wrong me, I canít throw strikes today?

These questions are based on FEAR. Something that hasnít happened!

Fear is:

A lot of guys sense fear of the unknown, it is human and you are not alone.†Thousands of players across the country feel doubt, anxiety, worry, self-centeredness, lack of confidence, tension, apprehension, concern and the list goes on. All of this stuff has to do with your ego. Your ego is saying, ďdonít do it youíll look silly, donít try you will fail.Ē

Your ego sometimes tries to draw you backward into the dark, so that you wonít accomplish and conquer adversity or challenge, so you wonít look bad.

For every adversity or negative experience, there is an equal or greater positive experience waiting for you. You just have to keep your ego (fear) in the shadows behind you and move forward towards the love.

What the heck, love?
Well if you make your choices or decisions based on love, ďlove of the game, I love to hit, I love to play, I love myself, I love my teamates, I love this moment,Ē then you canít fear.

Hereís is why; FEAR and LOVE cannot occupy you at the same time.

Your choice, choose one!