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Worldwide Baseball Prospects Testimonials

The WBP High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning Program
Above Testimonial April 9, 2018

I am the biggest fan of Worldwide Baseball Prospects  (WBP). I am the mother of Tarik El-Abour who has had the blessing of working with WBP for 11 years. My son is autistic and loves baseball. I went searching, how do I do that? I got on the internet and search and I found WBP. That phone call changed my sons life and my son is now a professional baseball player. The hard work was my son's to do and live and work on and the opportunities or even knowing what is going on in the world of baseball came from WBP. WBP is now our family and made everything possible that all of us still cannot believe. WBP rewards passion and the love of baseball through counseling, mentoring, knowing you well enough to know what is the best cultural fit when it comes to what organizations are best for you and your enjoyment of baseball all combined. If you are a player and you can't imagine doing anything but being a baseball player, this is your home. My son became the first autistic professional baseball player last year on the Sullivan Explorers Professional Baseball Club of the Empire Pro League. It took a village and the village is right here.

With all my love and respect,

High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program
Empire Pro Baseball League
Kansas City Royals

9/26/18 - J.D. and WBP have been life changing. I would not be where I am at today without his help and his passion.
J.D. genuinely cares for everyone he talks to and wants the best for them. He goes way out of his way to get things done for people. He'll call everyone and try to make connections with them so that he is able to help you out.
He is a great mental coach, he will talk to you about whatever you are struggling with and won't give up until the problem is identified and a solution on how to fix it is in place. He is very encouraging and pushes people past their limits both on the mental and physical side of the game, because he knows that everyone is capable of doing more and performing better.
I wish I could have had J.D. as a mentor through High school and college. My game has improved tremendously while talking with J.D. and I can't even imagine where I would be at without him.

- @JJ Bissell,
Professional Baseball Player
Empire Pro League,
Normal Cornbelters, Frontier League of Professional Baseball

My name is Dalys and I am now playing baseball as a freshman in college (Trinity University, TX) thanks to WBP!
Many high school players want to play baseball in college but the complexity of the recruiting process can stop some from attaining their goals. It can be difficult as a player to figure out how navigate the recruiting process and WBP does a terrific job at guiding players through this. When I started talking with WBP, I was at the point in the recruiting process where I would start applying to schools while also talking to coaches to gauge their interest. WBP helped me prepare to have conversations with coaches (which as many players realize can be more daunting than it seems) both over the phone and in person. WBP emphasized to treat coaches just like regular people, not as titles. This advice was integral for me during this process!Additionally, WBP helped me map out nutrition plans, workouts, while also giving me priceless advice about the game of Baseball. I will be forever thankful for WBP and the unlimited help they gave me during such a difficult decision-making process.


High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

My son signs his NLI on Monday for Oakland University (D1) and it is a fulfillment of his dream of playing baseball in college.  Baseball wise he has prepared for this day for many years but for his parents, navigating the process of actually obtaining an NCAA scholarship could not have been accomplished without World Wide Baseball Prospects.
About 18 months ago I found your company on the Internet. I was completely uninformed on what to do or where to start.  After working with WBP I became confident in the process and what to expect. From the parent's perspective you provide both guidance and knowledge.  From the student athlete's perspective, you provide them with the confidence to achieve their goals and a plan for success. 
What I was looking for was someone to assist our family in how to communicate with colleges and coaches and provide direction to the athlete on how to accomplish this.  I felt that we got much more than that.  Your outside resources from on all aspects of the game from the physical aspects to the mental side of the game provide a service to the athlete much more than just a mentor on how to get a college scholarship.  I feel that what you provided to us far exceeded the cost we paid over the two years.
What started out for us as a business relationship with you has turned into a friendship with all of our family member which I hope will continue.  Thank you again for taking what appeared to be an insurmountable task and breaking it down for Doug so that he could achieve his goals.

Thanks Tom, Marie and Doug
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Worldwide Baseball Prospects (WBP) has made all the difference in our son's quest for the right college to attend for baseball and academics. Weeding through all of the information, and misinformation, to getting Eli, our son, into a college to play ball was overwhelming and frustrating. WBP showed us the short-cut to the selection of schools and showed Eli how to present himself to coaches. When we first contacted WBP, they made us feel like we were their best friends and that it was their mission to get Eli the best opportunity to succeed in baseball and academics. Even after Eli was accepted WBP was calling to make sure Eli was still on the right track. What was overwhelming to us was routine to WBP. Even now, being through the process, if we had younger kids wanting to play baseball in college, we'd use WBP again. All we'd have to do is make the call and then hold on for the ride. Worldwide Baseball Prospects was a game changer for us.

Marvin and Monica McFadden
The WBP High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Our experience with Worldwide Baseball Prospects has been nothing short of a life saver in regards to the persistence and integrity on how to pursue our son's journey into the right college. One that fits both academics and baseball. We never realized what a daunting task it would be to find the right school and athletic program that would fit our son's needs, as well as ours.
Without the college guide for seniors provided by WBP, deadlines and important information surely would have been missed and would have left us possibly missing out on the school and baseball program that was right for our son. Shown in the action plan is an in depth breakdown of the steps needed to help the student and his or her parents understand what's required one week at a time, from the start of their senior year in high school up to graduation time in June. The Action Plan provided us with key topics such as communication. Without talking to coaches and college admissions on a somewhat regular basis, this process would have been much more difficult. It makes you realize that they are just ordinary people and they are there to help you. That made all the difference in the world. The college Guide not only helped us in these areas but with life in general. Things such as, a network of opportunity, professional connections and friendship. This program from WBP is something I would recommend to any family interested in pursuing a clear cut approach to the challenges of applying to the correct school and baseball program with ease.

Sincerely yours ,

The Twine Family
High School Seniors Guide to College Baseball written by WBP
The WBP High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Worldwide Baseball Prospects has proven to be invaluable for us as a family as we signed on to the website to seek that mentorship for our high school student who  has dreams & aspirations of playing college ball & beyond, in an arena that is as vast as it's complicated.
Our goal to seek guidance on paths to follow, and on best avenues of training to pursue programs & colleges to access along the journey for our son, has been made so much more attainable since our engagement with Worldwide Baseball Prospects. WBP provides way more than counseling about baseball, providing our son with the tools to be successful in life as well as in the baseball sporting arena. With their emphasis on ˜character development', focusing on the importance of this combined with skill development, he maintains regular, almost daily contact with Kieran. Equally impressive are the motivational techniques used when communicating this message, which helped Kieran in his workout as well as his game play.
WBP offers encouragement & recommendations not only to our son, but also to us, his parents, as we sift through the maze of information overload available online as we seek to optimize best options for Kieran. WBP's sincerity & genuine interest in everything Kieran does, is evident in all their discussions with and about Kieran, which is so heartwarming & very much appreciated.
We would recommend WBP to any family who is fortunate enough to have a son with the academic as well as baseball talents required to go beyond high school baseball, as our son is only 13 & has already had opportunities presented to him beyond any other student-athletes his age, thanks to the mentorship of WBP. 
We have been so impressed with WBP's engagement with Kieran that our next goal is to have him work with Kieran's older brother to reengage him back into baseball.

Thank you Worldwide Baseball Prospects as we look forward to continuing that partnership with our family for many years to come!"

Mairead & Richard

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all that WBP has done for Raymond and the rest of the family.  We waited until December of his senior year to hire WBP as Raymond was not confident he would play at the college level. WBP after careful assessment and coaching specifically designed for Raymond, my son, started a journey, which ended with the desired result of playing at Hartnell College in California.
WBP provided a recruiting, coaching and mentorship program, which included short and long-term goals necessary to make a college transition both on and off the field.  They assisted by providing tools for contacting and speaking with coaches, college admissions, registration, and applying for financial aide.  Once WPB evaluated Raymond's strengths and weaknesses they assisted him with writing letters, sending e-mails and how to contact and speak with a coach. WBP stressed the importance of speaking to coaches from the heart, and being true to himself as a person, student and baseball player.  WBP evaluated hitting, pitching and fielding videos we provided.  They coached him on ways to strengthen his pitching, improve his hitting and better himself as a player and person. They reminded him whenever he is on or off the field that you never know if a scout or college coach watching and to always hustle and show heart.
Halfway through the season Raymond experienced hitting slumps and his high school coach started him as a backup.  You encouraged Raymond to continue practicing and working“out and keep the love of the game in his heart. WBP reminded him of the basics when he was in his hitting slump and helped and encouraged him to practice on a baseball tee; giving him tips on how the tee and mental preparation is vital to a players swing.  Raymond spent the summer improving, found his love for the game again and played ball for a team this summer.
WBP provided him the knowledge to improve his game both mentally and physically. This knowledge has helped him become the player and person he is today.  You also gave him the power to make the decisions that he thought were right for him and because of this he has learned how to make the right decisions.
In addition WBP has an amazing website which assists with things such as proper nutrition and diet regime, workouts, and training programs, a complete schedule of upcoming camps, showcases, and tournaments nationwide and a detailed approach to planning the recruiting process.  The mentors involved with WBP are well-known coaches, athletes, trainers and recruiters.  Raymond was introduced and spoke to major league pitching coach Gil Patterson who actually took the time to speak to him about his pitching and encouraged him to continue practicing; NY Mets big leaguer Ed Hearn, and Thomari Story-Hardin to name a few. After he talked to these mentors and others, it helped him to better his communication with coaches by providing him with the much needed confidence and self-worth that he already had but wasn't showing at the beginning of the process.  Now we can't keep him quiet.
WBP did more than just coaching my son through the recruiting process and getting him into college.  They gave him skills and life lessons, which will remain close to his heart and assist him to be a college ready student and baseball player.  As a mom I would highly recommend you consider WBP to help any player at any level.  WBP' has the knowledge and extraordinary passion to coach and mentor a player and student to reach their full potential.  They will create and exhaust all opportunities and options available to a student and player to the end of the process; which is unsurpassed from anything I have experienced.   In addition to the time and energy they placed into coaching and mentoring my son, they spent as many hours coaching and mentoring me (who had knew very little about baseball and absolutely no idea what the recruiting process was).   The entire experience with WBP far exceeded anything we expected. My husband and I would give WBP 100 for 10 out of 10 rating.  Stating we are grateful is insufficient to express the gratitude for everything WBP has given our entire family. 
Eight months ago we did not believe Raymond would be playing baseball in college and because of Worldwide Baseball Prospects he is.

Brett, Lilly and Raymond
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

We have had a great experience with Worldwide Baseball Prospects. We were introduced to WBP by a Phillie's Scout.  My son Dalys is a senior and will go on to play at the next level due to the amazing guidance and support at WBP. It is a truly daunting experience to get through the recruiting process.  WBP provided a starting point with a step-by-step process to follow as well as unlimited support during this last year.   My son would always say after many lengthy conversations that WBP always says the right thing!. He taught my son how to handle certain situations that came up during senior year high school baseball. He taught my son how to think differently and how to conduct himself as a true baseball player.  WBP provided that outside professional opinion that was not Mom & Dad.  My son has matured so much mentally in this last year due to WBP's guidance. It is super important to have a professional opinion when going through the recruiting process because situations will come up and many times, as parents, we did not have the knowledge or expertise to interpret the situation. This is what Worldwide Baseball Prospects provided which we found to be invaluable! 

Thank You!

The Binder Family
The WBP High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

My name is Sean. I am senior in Colorado and I just have to say that WBP is amazing! I entered high school as a tiny, shy freshman who had a passion for playing baseball. My biggest concern at the time was that I wouldn't play college baseball. Then my dad discovered Worldwide Baseball Prospects. The transformation that ensued was incredible. Through the, Get to know Yourself Workbook, the seven step process that I was instructed to follow, and regular phone conversations, I grew as a total person. I received advice on workouts and nutrition, selecting the right college, fundamentals, hustle, and confidence. The freshman Sean would never have imagined having an extensive conversation with coaches from top tier colleges around the country. WBP first assisted me in finding out my comfort zone so that I could find the right colleges for me. Through a process of elimination, WBP helped me narrow down my college target list so that I found the school that fit me best. I am now attending Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska with a large baseball scholarship. None of this would have been possible without the incredible direction that I received from WBP.
In my very first week after signing up with WBP, I was told a quote that has stuck with me and remains as my day to day motto: The first rule of focus¦ be there.

There is no way that I can possibly thank WBP for all they've done for me. They helped me become a better person, a better student, and a better athlete. I am ready to move on to the next stage of my baseball career and I owe it all to WBP. Thank you so much WBP.

Warm Regards,
Sean M
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program
Ever since our son could hold a bat he has played baseball.  He has always known in his heart that he wanted to play college ball and his father and I made a commitment that we would do whatever we needed to help him see that dream come true for him because we saw the determination and passion in his heart.  That determination and passion has never wavered.  When he entered the competitive and high school realm we were saddened to find that people who should be willing to help him with his college aspirations were less then helpful, so we were forced to look elsewhere.  For several years we were quite unsuccessful.  Then God put WBP into our lives and everything changed for us and especially for our son.
WBP gives the student-athlete the tools needed to know how to begin the college process, to find a college that is comfortable for the student, to know what to ask a coach, to know if a coach is knowledgeable or not, and so many more needed tools that a parent/student does not even think about that make this program more than worth enrolling in. We have searched far and wide and there is no other program that gives you what this program does.   My son went from a shy athlete, who would not look a coach in the eye or barely speak to a coach to a kid who now firmly shakes a college coaches hand, gets excited to run out on the field and show what he knows, he asks appropriate questions while looking the coach square in the eye, and is a perfect gentleman.  I am completely blown away by the skills that WBP has given my son and have faith that he will leave home in August and start his college days as a strong student-athlete thanks to all the help that WBP has given him. 

Thank you and God Bless
B, T, and S
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Dear Worldwide Baseball Prospects,
If we had a way to share this letter with every single family of a young baseball player we would.  When we began this journey toward college baseball planning we had no idea what to do.  After hearing horror stories from other parents about programs they had signed up for, often times spending thousands of dollars and in reality receiving no legitimate help, we were skeptical to say the least. 
We signed up with Worldwide Baseball Prospects after discovering your web page while searching for options.  To be honest, our thought at the time was that if WBP could accomplish just a portion of the services you advertised it would be worth the time and money.  Boy, have we been surprised!
We had no idea of the value, opportunities, friendships, knowledge and exposure that we would experience and benefit from in such a short time.  Looking back, it was the best money we have ever spent on behalf of our son's baseball career. Our expectations have been exceeded time and time again.  Your program is a walk-off grand slam in our book!

The personal attention, knowledge, quality and availability of the staff are amazing.  The opportunities that WBP has opened up for Taylor border on surreal.  But most important is the sincere interest you and your entire network of baseball people have taken in helping us achieve our goals as a family, and Taylor as a young man and ball player.
You are number one in our book and our hearts.  We have enjoyed the association with you and WBP so far and sincerely look forward to our continued relationship and most importantly your friendship and guidance as our journey continues.
WBP is the best Bang for the Buck program available.  You are the best, we can only guess at how happy the Baseball Gods are with you.

Thank you again,
Marvin, Tammy, and Taylor
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Worldwide Baseball Prospects is an organization dedicated to providing young athletes with the tools that they need to be successful in life and sports. As a Coach / Mentor with Worldwide Baseball Prospects, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with the players of WBP to help guide them through their quest for athletic development.  Not only can I teach athletes, but I believe that each athlete that I work with teaches me something new about how I can better serve them.  With assistance from all of the WBP mentors, the player can become a well-rounded person, student, and athlete.  Success comes from hard work and opportunity.

Dave Yeager, ATC, CSCS
Milwaukee Brewers, Strength and Performance Coach
My name is Dustin and I am now a college baseball player. Words cannot describe how much WBP has helped me get to the college level. Not only has WBP gotten me to the college level he has helped me in so many different aspects of being an athlete and a person, from learning what to look for in a college to how not to get down on myself. When I first started working out with WBP I was 15 5'9 160 pounds, I am now 19 6'0 195.
WBP has been helping me for 5 years, since I was in grade 9, and the things they have done to help me are astronomical. When I first signed up for Worldwide baseball prospects, I wasn't really sure what I was going to get out it, maybe nothing more than someone to help me find a college. But man was I wrong; WBP has helped me so much as a person. When I was down about finding a college WBP always had supportive words and helped me see the whole picture. They have helped me as a student athlete trying to get to college in so many ways; from talking with me about where I would like to go to how to contact a coach and what are some questions that I need to ask. WBP is always networking and meeting different people they have pointed me to many excellent resources and camps.
As a player I cannot thank him enough for what they have done for me. Strength-wise WBP has helped me immeasurable amounts, when I was first with WBP I weighed in at 160, I now weigh 194 and a lot of it is thanks to WBP. They have taught me so much about nutrition, what type and when to take protein. WBP has shown me and helped me understand when in the year I want to be doing low reps high weight and when to be doing high reps low weight. From strictly an athletic perspective two things that I will keep with me for the years to come are nutrition and what I have learned about how to work out, from regimens to different exercises to do.
On the field WBP has helped me develop from a single ``A`` player to a college player. WBP recommended one camp down in Florida, and it was all WBP promised and more. They have helped me over come huge adversity, when I was having mental problems throwing the baseball. Not only have they helped me set different goals throughout this whole journey but they have helped me accomplish them too, such as going to college.
Worldwide baseball prospects has amazing baseball knowledge and their ability to network is tops bar none. If you want to get some catching instruction, they know someone you can network with.  They helped me with a plan and a route which is extremely specific and they kept me on that track.
WBP has an uncanny ability to keep you motivated and inspired. I remember one time when WBP called and we talked after that talk I went to the gym, before that talk I wasn't planning on going to the gym that day. They also always have little stories either about them or about other baseball players that they tell and they always keep me hungry to work hard.
I would easily recommend WBP to other players and families. I feel that even a player who has signed a full ride to a school; he can still use and learn a lot from WBP that would make them a better athlete and person.

Thanks WBP,
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

"I have been playing, coaching and teaching this great game for over 27 years and love to encourage and motivate players to reach for their potential. As a coach I always try to surround myself with others that have the same passion for baseball that I do. I have been associated with WBP now for over a year and can honestly say that the staff at WBP has a passion for this game that goes beyond just the game. They care for every player as if they were family the same way I treat everyone of my clients. The staff never fails to amaze me in the care and attention they give there clients. I always know that if I need something or even if one of my clients needs something they will be there with help and encouragement. I firmly believe that if a players goal is to reach the next level they must work hard and persevere but they must also have a plan, WBP has been and always will be there to help any player that wants to get there."

Thanks WBP for having the passion.
Brian Niswender MA, CSCS
Director of Player Development, Warrior Sports Training
Formerly Arizona Diamondbacks Strength and Performance

I began working with Worldwide Baseball Prospects during the fall of my son's sophomore year.  Over the past 18 months, we have realized significant value, some of which I have listed below:
1) Keeping perspective of what is important for my son, as he balances his education with his sport.
2) Providing an intelligence center for resources helpful to developing my son's skill set to make him a more valuable team member in the classroom and on the ball field.
3) Sparking creative interaction through regular communication, challenges, and dialogue.

I would recommend the services of the Worldwide Baseball Prospects program to any family looking to inspire and assist the student toward their dream of playing baseball throughout their high school seasons and beyond.

Houston, Texas
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your website, Worldwide Baseball Prospects, but more importantly, your commitment to all of student-athletes you assist.
During my 19 year career as a NCAA collegiate coach, I have come across numerous websites and people who say they have the student's interests at heart, but no one I know has the knowledge and passion that you put forth to each one of the young men that you work with.
Your advice to parents and the players is straight forward and truthful.  I truly believe that your insights to the recruiting process give each family the knowledge to pursue the correct path for success. 
Equally impressive to me are your motivational techniques that you use when communicating your points to your clients. I have had the opportunity to speak and work with some of your current players and all of them are taking your advice to heart. They are genuinely excited about undertaking the path you have set out for them. Plus, they understand the process and how to navigate the sometimes confusing recruiting cycle.
I look forward to continuing our relationship to help student-athletes and their parents obtain their goals in baseball and in school."

Yours in baseball,

Chris McKnight
Player Development Associate Philadelphia Phillies
Former 19 year NCAA Head Coach

My Name is Louis. I will be attending and playing baseball at Cal Lutheran University. I wanted to write and tell others about WBP and how it was able to help us as a family and player. The relationship we have had over the last few years has been great. The web-site has so much information for both parents and I. WBP gave me great direction on how to move forward and how to handle the process of playing ball in college. WBP always checked in and had my best interest at heart. He talked with me on many areas of my life. WBP made sure to remind me about what was important. Many of the things we would talk about confirmed what my parents had told me, but the things we didn't know came in handy. How to work out, diet and how to handle the pressure of school and ball. He always reminded me how important school was. It just wasn't about baseball, but everything in my life. My parents and I highly recommend WBP.
WBP made me feel like I was the only one he was working with. He made sure that I was good to go and always had time to talk. All I needed to do was e-mail him and I had a call from him right away.
Thanks WBP for all your help.

Best regards,
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

WBP is by far the best investment we have made to help our son get to the right college for him. WBP helped our son learn how to find and connect with the right colleges, and then helped him develop a personal plan to achieve his athletic and scholastic goals. WBP has a ton of resources and a fantastic network of baseball professionals who were ready to help our son with any concern he had about college or ball. A great resource for high school athletes looking to play ball and get an education at a good college!

High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

We are so happy to be working Worldwide Baseball Prospects. He started us out with The Guide to College Baseball. This book is the best source of information for college recruitment. WBP's love for the game is evident in his ability to share information with student athletes. He maintains contact with our family to make sure we are on track. He has contacts in the business that can assess player skills, offer college planning advice and help with financial aid. He also knows what it takes to keep your players' name in front of the coaches.  Most important, he is a mentor to our son.
Travis listens and heeds WBP's advice regarding college baseball preparation.
"We are extremely pleased!"

Sterlyn, Janie and Travis
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

I wish there were more people like you in this world.  It is a pleasure to see a person concerned with helping others succeed, without looking at what is it for themselves. To see a person concerned with helping young baseball players reach there full potential is a blessing.  If  I ever get the opportunity to pick my own coaching staff it would be a privilege to have you on board.
Gilbert Patterson
Oakland A's Organization
Our experience with Worldwide Baseball Prospect s has been a very positive one.  The assistance we have received, and information we have been provided has gone far beyond our expectations.  The initial cost of membership was returned many times over, in just the value of the Guide to College Baseball. On top of that, there has been the ongoing dialog with WBP.  They have provided a priceless education to our son and to my wife and I.   
Their calls have been strategically made to provide ongoing motivation and guidance in the process.  WBP appears to be totally devoted to the players best interest and not in a money making endeavor. 
Like all parents, we want the very best for our children, and with the assistance and guidance of  WBP we feel our son now has the resources he needs to promote his baseball skills to the college's on his list.  He is well on his way to mastering the recruiting process.  We would recommend WBP to any family who is fortunate enough to have a son with the talents required to go beyond high school baseball.
Thank you WBP, you have made a difference!!  

David and Cheryl
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Each year since 1983, Goodwill Series Inc. has organized International tournaments in Japan, Korea, China and Australia."
Our American teams coached by pro scouts and former professional players play the best players in each country. In 2007, WBP selected several outstanding student/athletes to become a part of our travel teams. We completely support there efforts to help the young baseball player to gain an education and to play baseball in college. Goodwill Series Inc. a non-profit corporation values the contributions by WBP. Our teams are very respectful of the customs of each country and all the players have returned to America with an increased understanding and appreciation of their home, education and family. Baseball teaches life.

Bob Williams,
President, Goodwill Series Inc.
Founder Area Code Games

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the guidance, knowledge and support you and everyone at Worldwide Baseball Prospects have offered us. When we began this journey we had no idea what would be involved in the college search proccess, needless to say, we were overwelmed. When I registered with WBP, I had no idea that we had simply stumbled upon all the information and resources we would need to be able to make an informed and educated decision on a great post secondary school for our son both academically and athletically.
What I found most impressive was the personal touch you gave us along with the constant follow up!"
"My wife Angela and I would like to now share some great news with you. Our son Adam has just been offered a scholarship to a fantastic College ( John A. Logan ) in Southern Illinois. As Canadians, going through this for the first time and not having access to very much information it would have been virtually impossible for us to gather the information we needed.

Thank you very much,
Sandro, Angela and Adam
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

Worldwide Baseball Prospects has been instrumental in helping our son focus his efforts to find a college baseball placement. The website is packed with vital information and helpful contacts for anyone wanting to manage the process of being or getting recruited. WBP helps players to assess their abilities and then to target programs that match their abilities and their interests. Everyone we have contacted through the website, whether professional scout or college admissions couselor, has been friendly and helpful. If we are feeling confused or have questions, WBP is always there to lend his perspective and he does so with a smile.
Worldwide Baseball Prospects offers incredible service at a great price.

Ginna and Norman
High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program

What drew me to be involved with the WBP was their dedication to being personally involved in not only assisting these young men to maximize their potential to play the great game of baseball beyond their high school years, but more importantly, they focus intensely on helping them get a quality education and develop the character that will prepare them, to one day, be great players in the game of life.

Ed Hearn, CSP
'86 World Series Champion New York Mets
Kansas City Royals
Author “ Conquering Life's Curves
Professional Speaker

It is good to see that there is a company out there that is more concerned with the individual player as opposed to just making a buck. I have seen more money making scams than I care to see in this business. After getting to know you, it is the sincereity of you helping kids reach their dreams in this wonderful game that truly stands out. The fact that such a helpful product at an affordable price coupled with your energy level and the desire to see WBP succeed by knowing that WBP will only succeed if the player/client succeeds creates a "win-win" situation for everyone involved. Any way I can be of service to WBP and its clientele would be my pleasure becasue nothing is better in this game than to see players reach their goals.

Kash Beauchamp
Professional Baseball Coach, Professional Woodbat Hitting Instructor

We are thrilled to be apart of the Worldwide Baseball Prospects philosophy to college baseball preparation and planning for families! They are very concerned about providing high school baseball players and families with realistic information to the college baseball recruiting process that they can trust. Their logical approach just makes sense!


Matt Stark
International Scouting
Supervisor, Seattle Mariners

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