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Hey Coach, What's the difference between baseball at the High School level vs. the College level?

Chris McKnight, WBP College Baseball Mentor and Phillies ScoutThe WBP High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning Program
former 19 year NCAA Head Coach

Starting with the physical part, experienced college players are stronger, faster, and have a good grasp on what it takes to keep them in peak condition. Most college players understand that eating properly and getting the proper amount of sleep is just as important to strength and conditioning.

Also, a majority of collegiate teams have strength and conditioning coaches as well as Athletic trainers who can assist the athletes with their training needs. I also employed a mental training coach who helped our players with visualization skills. In high school, you would be lucky to have trainers and strength coaches for your team.

You have to take it upon yourself to keep yourself in peak condition for your High School season. In terms of the mental side, college players have to have an inner passion to keep them strong through a rigorous fall, winter and in season training schedule.

Most programs play 50 plus games and travel more frequently than high school. Just the wear and tear of traveling is a big adjustment and college players must prepare and prioritize their baseball and academic schedule in order to be successful at both. Most high school programs travel locally and play 17-21 league games and do not have the ability to train all year long.

I would think most college coaches would say that the game is faster, both on offense and defense, and probably the biggest difference is the depth and talent of the squads. The practices are much more intense, and it's a year round effort by the coaches, players and staff.

The high school players need to realize that most college coaches are looking for that special athlete who will perform on the field, in the classroom and represent the program in first class manner on and off the field.

I believe the high school player needs to focus on what's important to him, make a
road map (what they want out of their career) with the help of coaches and professionals and pursue the goals that he set for himself with unbridled passion.

If you do it this way, you will attain your dream.

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