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Tips To Help You Get The Most Value From a
College Showcase, Clinic or High School Prospect Camp

By Worldwide Baseball

Before you spend your hard earned money on College or High School Showcases, Clinics or Prospect Camps you should know how to effectively use them to market yourself and know how to choose the event that is specifically right for you as a student-athlete with what you currently have to offer.

Parents and players are increasingly turning to these types of events to get playing opportunities in front of college coaches in hopes of impressing a college coach with their abilities, skills and intangibles.

Given today’s economic climate and NCAA recruiting restrictions college coaches are using these types of events to assist in their recruiting efforts since they can economically see a large number of players at one time, especially those schools with low to no athletic money.  In order to be recruited to a school on your target list, you will need to play live in front of a college coach and these events are a good way to fill this need.

So how do you pick the right events to attend and what should your expectations be from attending?

Here’s a quick set of tips to guide you through the process from Doug Henson, the Director of the DeMarini Top96 college coaches baseball camps.

Pick an event:
 With current college coaches (not former coaches or former pro players) from different types of schools, DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, JUCO, etc.

2. With coaches from schools you’d be interested in actually attending.  Don’t spend money on an event just because it has a lot of colleges or big schools.  Go to an event that has colleges you could see yourself attending and competing both academically and athletically. The school should be a comfortable fit.

3. That guarantees current college coaches will attend.  
 If the event organizers don’t list the coaches’ names and contact information on their website or provide this in any form then you don’t know who (if any) will be attending. Who attended last year will not help you this year.
Be wary of events that advertise colleges that have “expressed an interest in attending”.  These events are often the ones that have very few coaches actually show up.

4. That limits the number of players in total and by position and has a good coach to player ratio. 
 ensures you get maximum exposure to and interaction with coaches
 ensures balanced teams and playing time during games

5. Where all of the workouts, evaluations and games are played on one field.  You are paying a lot of money so don’t go to events where coaches are spread out over multiple fields. This will result in less playing time in front of a coach.

6. Where you will get an objective, realistic, written and 1-on-1 evaluation from a current college coach. 
 Not everyone is a DI player.  The sooner you know your skill level the easier it will be to target the right college as a player.
This evaluation should help you determine your potential (DI, DII, DIII etc.) and allow you to focus on colleges that match your interests and skills.
It should also provide you a list of things you need to improve on in order to be able to reach your goal in playing at the college level.

7. That includes a recruiting seminar.  The recruiting process is mysterious to many and the best events include a session with a current college coach who will explain things like the;
 - NCAA Clearinghouse,
 - official and unofficial visits
 - quiet, evaluation and dead periods
- scholarships
 - NCAA contact rules
 - do’s and don’ts for parents
 - and so forth and so on ....

8. That provides instruction sessions where you can learn the fundamentals and mechanics that are being taught at the college level.  In order to take your game to the next level you need to know what college coaches are teaching and what they are looking for in a player.

9. That offers the opportunity to play at least one game in front of current college coaches you are targeting.
There are private companies that run events which meet all or many of these criteria and there are many colleges that run events with multiple coaches that also meet all or many of these criteria. Do your research, know your total student athletic product and then target COLLEGE COACHES with at events with programs that are a good fit for you.

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