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High School Baseball Diet, Nutrition & Supplements

During a game, camp or showcase eventThe WBP™ High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning Program

The key is electrolytes, glucose and hydration

1. WATER is a must pre, during and post event
Gatorade or Powerade – High Gi carbs to sustain blood sugar during EVENT
3. Apple, orange, banana – Fruit carbohydrates + electrolytes
4. Power Bar – Can be eaten during event (NIBBLED ON)

Sleep & Nutrition

The X Factor for results with your training is nutrition and sleep (recovery).

Sleep is very very important for High School Baseball Players on so many levels. 8 hours of sleep per night should be the nightly minimum. High school student/athletes in general lead very busy and hectic lives, this is well understood, this is all the more reason to get 8 hrs min of ZZZZZZZ's.

Sleep is the body’s way of recovering from the stress it was put under, not only physically but mentally as well. If you are mentally drained it's harder to retain and recall information in the classroom. If your muscles are sore "torn" and you train them again, you will hinder your results.

If you want positive gains in the classroom or on the field & in the gym you need to get quality SLEEP !
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High School Baseball Diet Tips

1) Before a High School Baseball Player takes any form of supplementation in their diet, it is highly recommended to get the approval of a family doctor.

2) See a nutritional advisor, ask your doctor if he/she can recommend someone for you to see.

3) Before you purchase any supplements make sure to read the rules and regulations of the local, state and national baseball associations in which you compete NOW. They should have a banned and not banned list. Refer to the list when shopping and compare that to the ingredients on the product.

4) If your pursuing college baseball recruitment and forecast one day of playing college baseball, please make sure to read the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, etc. banned and not banned substance list before you buy.

5) Always do your Homework on a product before you buy! What are the Pro's an Con's, risks or rewards?

6) Supplements are meant to compliment your diet, not replace it. Your Diet is a Life Style not a FAD.

7) Learn to eat healthy! You diet is going to be specific to you, just becasue someone else is doing something DOES NOT mean it is the right thing for you.