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Tom Myers
Chicago Cubs Area Scouting Supervisor
Worldwide Baseball Prospects Mentor

Currently Tom Myers heads the Santa Barbara Grizzlies Baseball Organization and serves as the Area Scouting Supervisor for the Chicago Cubs. He is the camp director for Nike Baseball Camps serving in the California Area.

Myers has spent time as a pitching coach and Associate Head Coach at Santa Clara University and UC Santa Barbara.

Myers has instructed 70 or more players that have played professional baseball and several that have played at the Major League level.

As a college coach, Myers has also spent time as a Head Coach in the Alaskan league for the Kenai Oilers and in the prestigious Cape Cod League for the Brewster Whitecaps.

Myers has 5 years of professional playing experience with the Oakland As, Baltimore Orioles, St Louis Cardinals organizations.
A graduate of UCSB in History, Myers also holds a Masters degree in Education.