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High School Baseball Player Assessment and Evaluation for College Baseball
The WBP™ High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning Program

After a written neutral evaluation is done, you will have a good understanding of how you “realistically” measure up in the vast high school baseball talent pool. As a High School Player looking to play college Baseball it is key to get your assessment from a professional neutral source that can view your tools and intangibles as they are today, which a collegiate coach can use as a very creditable resource of player information.

Once a player is evaluated or assessed by a creditable source he can:

- Now forecast family budgets and plan ahead financially targeting their spending habits on specific baseball developmental weaknesses to develop a balanced approach to the game

- Target realistic college baseball programs

- Determine if current playing opportunities are prohibiting development

- Determine a new course of action for player development if needed

- Understand his strengths and weaknesses and have a plan to take action to make adjustments

- Provide “targeted and well reasearched” college coaches a creditable report of what a scout saw on a particular day or combination of days

- Understand what it will take to reach an attainable developmental goal to play college baseball at a particular level.

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