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Making the transition from High School to College Baseball

Total Development of The WBP™ High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning Program“Individual-Student-Player” and future presentation of that total product make-up by design, rather then by chance is a prospective student/baseball player’s greatest advantage when making the transition from High School to College Baseball and Academics.

It is the individual who applies himself as an academic student in the classroom and it is the individual who is performing as a baseball player.

WBP believes that a prospective high school baseball player (9 -12) must have the proper individual developmental and recruitment planning formula in place.
His own personal dedication, desire and passion will carve out his path that he takes through high school to college and beyond.
Our goal at Worldwide Baseball Prospects is to empower, coach, direct and mentor the prospective high school baseball player (grade 9 - 12) with college academic and baseball aspirations and his parents through the various stages of high school development and recruitment by way of our action packed program.

Individual High School Baseball Player Developmental and Recruitment Planning Diagram
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Remember, No one person is alike. Each present very unique blueprints that are entirely different from one another!
Dear Players, "The reward doesn't come at the end of your journey, but rather, with little milestones throughout your journey, when you look back on your little accomplishments they make one great BIG one."WBP will coach you in taking a balanced, realistic and reputable approach, assisting your short and long term approach to development and future advancement in baseball, academics and life. At the end of the day, the college or university you choose as a student who plays the game of baseball, should suit your total "individual - student - baseball product."

Make the transition from High School Baseball to College Baseball

1) First, the player must be conscious of who and what he is now and how he got there.

) Second, he must find a planning solution for development and recruitment goals that is balanced and based on who he is as a “Individual - Student - Baseball Player” at the High School level now.

) Third, He must over time at regular intervals assess and continue to become more aware, more confident, more knowledgeable, gaining experiences and develop his total “Individual - Student - Player” product to match both short term and long term goals.

) Fourth, he must understand that he personally must communicate and engage the process with enthusiasm and be active in presenting his high school “Individual - Student - Baseball Player” product to college coaches and institutions that “match” his need and who in turn desire what he realistically has to offer them.

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