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Topic - Baseball

The compete story of the signing of the 1st Professional Baseball Player in History with Autism

Baseball is a worldwide language, it speaks to all of us in different ways. It can be a sometimes bumpy yet awesome never ending marathon full of growth and magical moments. It takes an unwavering belief in one's self from the inside out and in their ability to create their own path, in baseball and life.
For one great man, Tarik El-Abour who also has Autism, what seemed to be impossible, an insurmountable goal, became possible for him. He made it his reality and it's still growing.
The lesson here, never ever under-estimate the power of passion and persistence, the love for the game and surrounding yourself with those who believe in you as much as you do if not more and will always look out for your best interests.

It takes Time, Patience and Perseverance with Planned Goals
by Kory DeHaan,
Worldwide Baseball Prospects Mentor
Hitting Coach Pittsburgh Pirates

Hi there my name is Kory DeHaan, I am a Hitting Coach with the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization. As a dad of young girls who love gymnastics, I'm amazed at how much time they put into their practice.  I was a season-to-season sports participant when I was a kid, so when I see my girls practice 12-15 hours a week for the whole year, it makes me wonder if it is too much.
As a professional baseball coach, I am constantly searching for new ways to reach the hearts and minds of these young athletes.  A thought-provoking ....

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard

By Kory DeHaan, Worldwide Baseball Prospects Mentor
Pittsburgh Pirates Hitting Coach, DeHaan Baseball

There are many reasons why kids play high school athletics. Here are a few: they love the sport; they are competitive; their friends are doing it; their parents want them to play; the school needs more numbers to fill the team; and/or they want to get a scholarship to play in college.

About IMG Academy Baseball Program Summer 12U Wood Bat League
For more than 30 years, Ken Bolek, Director of the IMG Baseball Academy, has coached baseball players at every level of the game, including some of MLB's top stars. But it's at the youth level “ specifically ages 10-12 “ where Bolek feels like he can have the biggest influence in developing a high-performing baseball player.It's all about getting kids on the cusp of when the fundamentals can be positively addressed,¯ Bolek said.

Challenges of Running A College Baseball Camp
The most important hurdle a camp operator must overcome is figuring out how to get campers to register and attend their camps.  This involves deciding whether to attract players locally, regionally or nationally and what age groups are the focuses of each camp.  Once these decisions are made the camp operator has to develop a database of prospects and put together an email or mail campaign.

Using Alternative Training Equipment for Baseball Training
By Brian Niswender, MA, CSCS,
Worldwide Baseball Prospects Strength Coach and Mentor
Former Arizona Diamondbacks Director of Minor League Strength and Performance

The last 5 years has seen many new¯ baseball training methods or use of alternative baseball training methods. In most cases these so called new methods were actually developed many years ago possibly decades ago, and the resurgence of these styles is exciting even though many coaches have been using them for years. Now that many of these methods have become main stream, an explanation of how to use these tools for baseball is appropriate.

Tips To Help You Get The Most Value From a College Showcase, Clinic or High School Prospect Camp

By Worldwide Baseball

Before you spend your hard earned money on College or High School Showcases, Clinics or Prospect Camps you should know how to effectively use them to market yourself and know how to choose the event that is specifically right for you as a student-athlete with what you currently have to offer. Parents and players are increasingly turning to these types of events to get playing opportunities in front of college coaches in hopes of impressing a college coach with their abilities, skills and intangibles ....

Baseball Teaches the Game of Life


This article is inspired by the thousands we talk to every year, parents, coaches and baseball players both professional and amateur and those interested in the game of baseball in some way or another. Often times you will hear both active and retired professional players young and old, as well as college players and coaches refer to the game of baseball as a great teacher of life. But what does that mean?

The number 60 is synonymous with baseball because of Babe Ruth
By IMG Baseball Academy, Bradenton Florida

Greetings from the IMG Baseball Academy, The number 60 is synonymous with baseball because of Babe Ruth. The Babe¯ was the first player to hit 60 home runs in one season (1927), setting a record which stood until 1961. For the IMG Wood Bat Leagues presented by Under Armour the number 60 is also very significant. read more ...

I'm a High School Freshman and want to Play College Baseball, What should I do?
By Worldwide Baseball Prospects

For most young aspiring college baseball players the question, "How do I get noticed," seems to be very popular right up there along side, "Where can I get the most exposure?"
 First off let's help you in saying these questions need to follow others that are more important which will lay the future foundation to the answers you seek.

Joe Torres take on Coaching
By Coaching Legend Joe Torre, courtesy Baseball the Mag

No matter how knowledgeable a coach may be about the game, the way he or she delivers the message and instructs is critically important. That's why establishing a coaching philosophy is so fundamental to success. Let's dig into this topic a little bit more.

6 Common College Baseball Recruiting Myths and Misconceptions
By Chris McKnight
Worldwide Baseball Prospects Mentor/Coach, Associate Scout Philadelphia Phillies,
19 Year NCAA Collegiate Head Coach,
Former Chair of the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee, Vision Training Specialist

As a former 19 yr. NCAA college baseball coach, I have had the opportunity to speak with many student-athletes and their parents on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the recruiting process, to academics, and ability. During this period, I have tried to assist the students and their parents by giving them correct information with regard to the above topics. Unfortunately, a lot of myths exists in the baseball world and as coaches; it's our responsibility to help educate the parents and their sons to help them make smart decisions. Let's take each one of the topics and look at some common misconceptions ....

High School Baseball Q & A about College Baseball Showcases and High School Baseball Camps / Clinics and Tournaments
WBP - Worldwide Baseball Prospects wanted to get a perspective on high school baseball Showcases and College baseball camps from someone who has been running these events for the past 16 consecutive years. We went to Mr. Henson, co-founder of the TOP 96 Inc who runs College Coaches Baseball Clinics for high school players to ask him his thoughts on the High School Baseball Showcase and Camp market to educate players and parents

Reality-based pitching goals for High School Baseball Pitchers
By Steve Frey, IMG Baseball Academy

Aspiring to reach your pitching potential requires specific goal-setting “ goals that are reality¯ based. Let's face it, we would all like to be a powerful strikeout pitcher but that type of person rarely exists. Every pitcher brings different elements to the game.

Infield Tip “ Taking things for granted
By Kevin Sharp, Head Varsity Coach, IMG Baseball Academy

In amateur baseball these days, many infielders are ill-equipped in game situations. I am not speaking of having the right equipment or playing shortstop with a wrong-handed mitt. What I am directly referring to is the common thought process of thinking ahead while using information you are provided with.

The Mental aspect of being an Outfielder
By IMG Baseball Academy

The mental aspect of being an outfielder should not be overlooked. An easy way to keep your mind straight is to remember the acronym MAFA.
Hey Coach, What's the difference between baseball at the High School level vs. the College level?
By WBP Coach and Mentor, Chris McKnight
19 year NCAA Head Coach, former Chair NCAA Baseball Rules Committee, CEO Baseball Vision Program, Philadelphia Phillies Player Development Associate

Starting with the physical part, experienced college players are stronger, faster, and have a good grasp on what it takes to keep them in peak condition. Most college players understand that .....

The 2011 IMG Wood Bat Leagues presented by Under Armour is the place to be!
August 30, 2010

The 2011 IMG Wood Bat Leagues presented by Under Armour generates solid results toward the athletes own personal goals as future college students and players. Student/athletes receive extensive workouts enabling a player the maximum opportunity to develop to their full potential both on and off the field. If you are a student/athlete with the desire to build a solid baseball foundation and to take your game to the next level, do not miss this opportunity to be part of The Premier Summer Training Program in High School Baseball ¦. The 2011 IMG Wood Bat Leagues presented by Under Armour.
MAFA stands for .....

IMG Academies, National High School Coaches Association reach deal to create first-ever official High School National Championships

By IMG Academies

BRADENTON, Fla. (Jan. 14, 2010) “ IMG Academies and the National High School Coaches Association have signed a deal that will help dispel the annual debate of which state produces the nation's best athletic teams and players by creating official High School National Championships.

Future College Baseball Recruit, Do you know your ABC's?
by WBP - Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Do you know your ABC's? For the high school baseball player and their parents the college recruiting process can be confusing and a bit over-whelming. Simply put, it's a new experience for each and every player. So below let's focus on some bite size nuts and bolts that fall under the A B C's¯ that will lend support for your journey as a prospective high school student / baseball player.

Off-Season Conditioning Program for Pitchers

By Gil Patterson, Oakland Athletics Pitching Coordinator
Worldwide Baseball Prospects Coach and Mentor

Every organization does everything they can to protect there investments. They are continually challenging there staffs to come up with better physical and mental techniques and exercises to keep there players healthy and successful.

4 Quick Tips for Making the transition from High School Baseball to College Baseball

by WBP - Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Total Development of Individual-Student-Player¯ and future presentation of that total product make-up by design, rather then by chance is a prospective student/baseball player's greatest advantage when making the transition from High School to College Baseball and Academics.

IMG Baseball Academy to Host 7 Week Summer Wood Bat League for 120 players in Bradenton, Florida June 14 - Aug 2, 2009

This program is for serious-minded athletes interested in reaching a higher level of play and is designed to emphasize physical development and instruction Session begins June 14th and runs until August 2nd.

A Professional Baseball Scout, What Exactly is there role in High School, College and Pro Baseball?

by WBP - Worldwide Baseball Prospects
We wanted to get the facts straight from the source and asked Matt a few questions about scouting in baseball with the hopes that it may assist you with more knowledge.

An Interview with Matt Stark, Current International Scouting Supervisor (MX) Seattle Mariners, Director of WBP Area Field Reps, CEO of International Performance Baseball. Thank you to a very busy baseball man. Matt Stark is the CEO of International Performance Baseball and currently the Director of WBP Area Field Reps. Matt is a Professional Baseball Scout for the Seattle Mariners Organization and is a frequent traveler who has put on a lot miles over his 25 years in professional baseball as a player, coach and scout. Always on route he assist players with personal instruction, player development, contract signings or hosting professional scouting events in the United States, Latin America and Mexico. Stark was the 1st round draft pick of the Toronto Blue Jays back in 1983. He holds a number of records at various professional levels, and in 1993 became the first player ever to score 100 runs, draw 100 walks and produced 100 RBI's in a single Mexican League season. Matt served 3 years as the Hitting Instructor for the AAA affiliate of the Florida Marlins. Since the completion of his professional career, Matt has turned his talents to scouting and instruction, serving as a hitting instructor with Tony Gwynn and Rod Carew at hitting camps in Mexico.

A Big League Point of View on Pitch Counts

By Gil Patterson,
Oakland A's Pitching Coordinator
Worldwide Baseball Prospects Pitching Mento

WBP Interviews NCAA D1 Coach on New Rule Changes

Interview with Coach Tom Myers, UCSB

WBP wanted to get a College Coach's perspective on the subject matter.

Big League Dad, Jamie Moyer on IMG Baseball Academy Programs

Posted on Saturday March 7, 2009, Sons follow in Moyer's footsteps
By Jim Salisbury Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Jamie Moyer has spent a quarter-century in professional baseball and pitched nearly 4,500 innings. He has been participating in spring-training camps since 1985. It seems Moyer's entire adult life has been spent on a baseball field.

The IMG Baseball Academy College Placements and Successes

Posted here are some of the many Successes that the IMG Baseball Academy has achieved over recent years and ...

Do you have a baseball ego? Your choice, choose one!

by WBP - Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Success is happening right now and you didn't even know it. How about that! Success is a journey; it is not a destination point. So for you, who really want to play college baseball, understand that it is ....

IMG Baseball Academy to Host 7 Week Summer Wood Bat League for 120 players in Bradenton, Florida June 14 - Aug 2, 2009

This program is for serious-minded athletes interested in reaching a higher level of play and is designed to emphasize physical development and instruction Session begins June 14th and runs until August 2nd.

Topics - Motivation and Mental

How Your Mind is Like Your Underwear

By WBP Mental Game Coach, Dr. Tom Hanson Ph.D

"Rick, a high school player I coached this summer, was experiencing a lot of stress from the way his parents were acting. They wanted him to get a scholarship or get drafted and kept reminding him of what he needed to do. They were well-intentioned and didn't realize the effect they were having on Rick."

Life After Sports  

by Lori Gilbert

When the spotlight goes off, it's not easy finding a comfort role in society
Ed Sprague went to spring training with the Texas Rangers in 2002, and when a reporter asked him what he brought to the team, Sprague was stumped.
"I couldn't think of one thing," Sprague said. After 11 years in the major leagues, he knew it was time to leave.He returned to Stockton, to his home, to his wife and three kids, and moved on. "I always knew I'd be a coach, but I didn't know at what level. Little League, high school, college," he said.
Sprague, who is finishing his third season as the head coach at University of the Pacific, is one of the lucky ones. Or at the very least, a rare exception.

Topics - Strength and Performance

Hey Coach, What's your point of view on Strength and Conditioning for Prospective High School Baseball Players?¯

by WBP® - Worldwide Baseball Prospects

An expert opinion and point of view on High School Baseball Strength and Conditioning by Brian Niswender MA, CSCS, Founder and Owner of Performance Baseball Training, Former Arizona Diamondbacks Minor League Director of Strength & Conditioning has worked with many baseball players at every level from the Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, New York Yankees and the Colorado Rockies.

Pearls and Pitfalls for high school baseball players: Developing your skills and preventing injury

By Michael Q. Freehill, MD
Worldwide Baseball Prospects Strength & Conditioning Advisor

Coaches, players, and parents are becoming more aware of the potential impact playing baseball for an extended period of time over the course of a year can have on an individuals' potential for injury. Studies have suggested that playing baseball for more than nine months in a year increases the rate of upper extremity injuries in particular. This carries over to the intercollegiate athlete also as injury surveillance by the NCAA has demonstrated that shoulder and elbow injuries rank among the top two in terms of body parts injured for the baseball player. Many intercollegiate baseball players participate throughout the summer in wood bat leagues and a variety of other amateur leagues thereby extending their season for several months.

Topics - Admissions, Scholarships and Financial Aid

Economical hard times calls for more knowledge in College Funding, Scholarships, Loans and Grants. How do I pay for College?

An interview with College Funding Advisor, T Hughes during the trying times of the economy. Economical hard times calls for more knowledge in College Funding, Scholarships, Loans and Grants.

Crossing Borders - Applying to a U.S. Undergraduate School as a Canadian 

AdmissionsConsultants, Inc

It's easy to feel intimidated by the thought of applying to college outside of Canada, especially if you're considering some of the more prestigious universities in the United States. Perhaps you think you're at a big disadvantage coming from another country, even one right next door. Maybe you're worried about all the red tape and paperwork and don't know where to begin. Applying to college outside of your home country presents additional challenges. But don't worry. A little guidance can help you navigate the road to the U.S. College of your choice ...

Though Not Publicized, Athletic Scholarships Abound at Small Colleges and Universities

AdmissionsConsultants, Inc

The secret, say experts, knowing how to find them.  High school athletes take note. Though you didn't earn an MVP trophy, and you don't have recruiters sending roses to your mother, if you are ready to play sports in college, there might still be a pot of gold with your name on it.  
While the media are tracking the moves of top NCAA recruits bound for the Big 10, there might be someone looking for you, too. It could be a baseball coach in a corner of Iowa, if only he knew you existed. Or there might be a coach at a small college in Pennsylvania looking for a star ... 

College Baseball Planning Putting Your SAT and ACT Scores in Perspective for College Admissions

AdmissionsConsultants, Inc

Standardized tests remain a basic part of the college admissions process, regardless of the number of schools that have adopted test-optional admissions. The majority of accredited four-year colleges still require applicants to provide a SAT or ACT test score. Even some schools with test-optional admissions still use the SAT or ACT to determine class placement and award scholarships